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  • There are still good games out there

    Since my previous post was quite frustrating I feel the need to point out there are still lots of good games out there. We just need to find them (that’s what they always say, haha) …
    I play a few games on a daily basis to grab their bonuses and I still try out a lot more whenever I can to find some jewels :D

    My favorites at the moment that could be interesting for you are
    – Unison League
    – Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary
    – Flutter: Starlight
    – Otogi: Spirit Agents

    Otogi: Spirit Agents is probably my all-time favorite because I had just fallen in love with Ayakashi: Ghost Guild when Zynga shut it down without caring about the players. Some of the people who had worked on Ayakashi then created Otogi and it’s more than just a card game! I adore the style, gameplay and characters you meet. I was so proud when I finally managed to get Nyarlathotep in the current Christmas event <3

  • Flutter Butterflies Update

    Jetzt sind auch die Schmetterlinge aus den letzten Events enthalten!

  • Useful Tips and Butterflies for Flutter

    For a long time now I’ve enjoyed playing the game Flutter! It’s about collecting butterflies and as you can imagine, there are a whole lot of them.
    In this post I want to collect all of the useful tips and butterflies!

    So first of all it is important to save as much Honeydew as you can. It’s best to set the pollen producing flowers to minimum time so that they don’t consume that much honeydew. I usually set them to 10 mins (Chunk of Pollen) and each time I check the game open and close the flowers again. This way there will be a bunch of pollen whenever I need some.
    Skills can be used when the butterfly is fully evolved and every butterfly has one.

    Butterflies with the most useful skills:

    Create 5 Barkbugs
    – # 1 Wood White (Mariposa/Common/Small)

    Hurry the Wisp Mother
    – # 158 Aphrodite Fritillary (Venus/Epic/Large) *Event*

    Duplicate a wisp
    – # 156 Cinnabar Moth (Venus/Uncommon/Medium)

    Upgrade an attract flower one level
    – # 153 Blue Mormon (Brahman/Rare/Medium) *Event*

    Create an attract flower
    – # 162 Noble Swallowtail (Ostara/Rare/Medium) *Event*

    Harvest and duplicate an attract flower
    – # 154 Andaman Mormon (Brahman/Epic/Large) *Event*

    Harvest all attract flowers
    – # 160 Orange Skipperling (Ostara/Common/Small) *Event*

    Hurry a Caterpillar
    – # 44 Peacock (Mariposa/Rare/Small)
    – # 116 Smokey Orange Tip (Colotis/Uncommon/Small) *Event*
    – # 152 Great Mormon (Brahman/Uncommon/Medium) *Event*

    Lay an egg for free
    – # 127 Resplendet Forester (Forester/Legendary/Medium) *Event*
    – # 145 Spider-Wing Cupid (Majutsu/Legendary/Small) *Event*
    – # 150 Gaudy Baron (Silverbell/Legendary/Medium) *Event*
    – # 159 Claudina’s Agrias (Venus/Legendary/Large) *Event*

    Hurry an Egg
    – # 76 Shan Nawab (Nawab/Uncommon/Small) *Event*
    – # 125 Blue-banded Forester (Forester/Rare/Medium) *Event*
    – # 148 Scarlet Peacock (Silverbell/Rare/Large) *Event*

    Chop an expansion foliage
    – # 114 Red-spotted Jezebel (Jezebel/Epic/Medium) *Event*
    – # 133 Blood-Red Skipper (Skipper/Legendary/Small) *Event*
    – # 169 Juno Longwing (Juno/Legendary/Large) *Event*

    Create Sap
    – # 87 Natal Acraea (Acraea/Epic/Medium) *Event*
    – # 132 Matho Skipper (Skipper/Epic/Medium) *Event*

    Create a Twig
    – # 88 Hewitson’s Acraea (Acraea/Common/Medium) *Event*
    – # 124 Edwards’ Forester (Forester/Uncommon/Small) *Event*
    – # 146 Frosted Elfin (Silverbell/Common/Small) *Event*

    Create a Leaf
    – # 90 Falcate Acraea (Acraea/Rare/Medium) *Event*
    – # 136 Amazon Blue Cracker (Cracker/Rare/Medium) *Event*

    Double pollen effectiveness on a butterfly for 1 minute
    – # 138 Carla Hairstreak (Hairstreak/Common/Small) *Event*

    Triple Honeydew received from next harvest
    – # 120 Regal Metalmark (Metalmark/Uncommon/Medium) *Event*
    – # 143 Dead Leaf (Majutsu/Uncommon/Medium) *Event*

    All nearby butterflies become ready instantly
    – # 110 Kite Swallowtail (Quetzal/Epic/Small)
    – # 119 Apollo Metalmark (Metalmark/Epic/Small) *Event*
    – # 144 Pale Owl (Majutsu/Rare/Large) *Event*

    Reset the day’s Basic Gift counter
    – # 131 Sachem Skipper (Skipper/Epic/Small) *Event*
    – # 149 Mountain Snow Apollo (Silverbell/Epic/Medium) *Event*

    Reset the store’s Daily Deals
    – # 118 Colotis Zoe (Colotis/Epic/Small) *Event*
    – # 137 Red Cracker (Cracker/Epic/Large) *Event*
    – # 163 Brazilian Mother-of-Pearl (Ostara/Epic/Large) *Event*

    Selects a valid butterfly for the current Mission
    – # 168 Judith’s Tiger Longwing (Juno/Epic/Large) *Event*

    Hurry a Mission
    – # 167 Numata Longwing (Juno/Rare/Medium) *Event*

    Switch to a random Mission
    – # 166 White-edged Longwing (Juno/Uncommon/Medium) *Event*

    Half the cost of a Pollen’s Flower next shift
    – # 112 Black Jezebel (Jezebel/Uncommon/Small) *Event*
    – # 129 Long-Tailed Skipper (Skipper/Uncommon/Medium) *Event*
    – #139 Great Blue Hairstreak (Hairstreak/Uncommon/Medium) *Event*

    Double pollen effectiveness on a butterfly for 1 minute
    – # 170 Sulphur Dotted Border (Nyeupe/Common/Small) *Event*

    Hurry a Pollen Flower
    – # 140 Crowned Hairstreak (Hairstreak/Rare/Medium) *Event*

    Change the color of a Pollen Flower
    – # 141 Large Fairy Hairstreak (Hairstreak/Epic/Medium) *Event*

    Hurry a Chrysalis
    – # 135 Yellow Cracker (Cracker/Uncommon/Medium) *Event*

    Create Hidden Eggs
    – # 161 Green Charaxes (Ostara/Uncommon/Medium) *Event* [1]
    – # 164 Forest Mother-of-Pearl (Ostara/Legendary/Large) *Event* [3]

    Give the Bee Fly love
    – # 155 Small Cupid (Venus/Common/Small) *Event*

    You can see that event butterflies are pretty useful. Even though you may not have attended the event, you can still get them when they visit your forest. Make sure to also check out the skill these visitors have, sometimes you can make good profit with it!

    Current update: Butterflies including Juno event

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