There are still good games out there 2

Since my previous post was quite frustrating I feel the need to point out there are still lots of good games out there. We just need to find them (that’s what they always say, haha) …
I play a few games on a daily basis to grab their bonuses and I still try out a lot more whenever I can to find some jewels :D

My favorites at the moment that could be interesting for you are
– Unison League
– Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary
– Flutter: Starlight
– Otogi: Spirit Agents

Otogi: Spirit Agents is probably my all-time favorite because I had just fallen in love with Ayakashi: Ghost Guild when Zynga shut it down without caring about the players. Some of the people who had worked on Ayakashi then created Otogi and it’s more than just a card game! I adore the style, gameplay and characters you meet. I was so proud when I finally managed to get Nyarlathotep in the current Christmas event <3

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6 years ago

I have a question, do you know about a game that can be like Devil Maker: Tokyo?

I play Sid Story and Panzer Walts, but not like Devil Maker.

Have a good day.