Game of Dice Update 05/18 & New Upgrades

New Face

With today’s character update, two new ones have been added: Howl and Howl Plus.

Upgrade old Friends

With last month’s huge update the characters starting with the newest up to Reapercy were allowed to be upgraded to 6 Stars and thus reach a maximum level of 25 (instead of 20).
These “old” characters can now be upgraded as well:

– Card Queen Black Rose & Card Queen Black Rose Plus
– Heidi & Heidi Plus
– Phantom Ion & Phantom Ion PLUS
– Undercover Doria & Undercover Doria Plus

… a few left out …
– Refia & Refia Plus
– Dr. X & Dr. X Plus
– Wintry Black Rose & Wintry Black Rose PLUS
– Wintry Mary & Wintry Mary PLUS

I added all the new icons and values, but there’s got to be a mistake: Wintry Mary PLUS has got Bonus LP on the Map Crystal Village of 121 while Wintry Mary (without PLUS) has 128.
Either these values are mixed up or they will be changed again. I’ll keep an eye on that :)

For more info about the new upgrades check out my entry here.
The full table can be found here, as always ;)

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