Game of Dice Update 06/18 & New Upgrades

New Face

I added the new characters from this month, Goal Keeper Ling Ling and Goal Keeper Ling Ling Plus.


Upgrade old Friends

These ‘old’ characters are now allowed to be upgraded to Six Stars:

– 9-Tailed Lucy & 9-Tailed Lucy Plus
– Onmyouji Tora & Onmyouji Tora Plus
– Yuki & Yuki Plus
– Rockstar Rica & Rockstar Rica Plus
– Kaito & Kaito Plus
– Mechanic Sharon & Mechanic Sharon Plus

I already added the new stats, the icons will follow soon.

Again, there has been an unusualness with some values:

  • 9-Tailed Lucy has got Star Money Bonus of 157 in normal and 156 in Plus form.
  • Onmyouji Tora has got Cheaper Jailbreak Cost of 130 in normal and 129 in Plus form.
  • Rockstar Rica has got Tax Discount of 125 in normal and 120 in Plus form.
  • Kaito has got Mini Battle Payout of 138 in normal and 120 in Plus form.
  • Mechanic Sharon has got Mini Battle Payout of 118 in normal and 110 in Plus form.

For more info about the new upgrades check out my entry here.
The full table can be found here, as always ;)

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