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  • ** Special Story: The lotus flower petals blue – English **

    The snow is falling slow, when the big flakes are in contact with the ground form small buds that look like flowers, sometimes it is possible to see in them the shape of the lotus.
    This flower is extraordinary magical and normal at the same time, this symbiosis between normal and extraordinary appearance that makes him the most fascinating and desirable flower of the earth.
    Julian was behind the window of the house and was following the fall line of the snow trying to find inspiration for his next trip.
    We are in London and it is not easy for a photographer action as Julian remain waiting for a sign or an event.
    But we know that all artists also for photographers when they create their expressiveness not have a finite time, but you have to wait that moment when the snow shines like a star.
    Julian was an expert photographer highly rated and popular, very young, his talent was unmatched because he could grasp the essence of things with incredible ease and this was called around the world for his services and for his natural ability.
    It was so good, but so selfish, tied only to the high fees, he wanted to earn a lot because he believed much in himself and in his skill. But we know that sometimes the beliefs are as snow, just a ray of sunshine to bring change.
    The phone rang booming into the room with a special echo.
    It was an invitation for a photo shoot in India, to tell the great story of this country with a book, but the task was to condense a thousand years of history in a few photographs.
    An emissary of the Indian government was ready waiting for him in the capital to discuss the details of the contract, but also economic.
    Julian sniffing a bargain really important, and agreed with the first available voting took his partner of adventures, his favorite camera and flew to this new adventure. Perhaps the India is a simple land, magical and charming and has something that makes it unique, the look of the people having little, have the dignity of being a great people and believe their tradition.
    He arrived at, and to the astonishment of Julian that as an emissary of the Indian government was thinking of finding an old man with a long beard and a turban, he met Anusha, his name is said good morning, or star, a young woman who deserved respect of his government and had been a delegate for this event. Anusha Julian seeing a bit hesitant, broke the silence and said that the world was changing, and also his country, therefore, the call was clear and firm to represent India with sixteen pictures, Julian was a bit hesitant because was really an enterprise reduce so much, but he saw a intransigence never seen especially in a woman and because she loved challenges accepted.

    Anusha greeted and made an appointment for two months later in the same place, but before leaving for this adventure made her a simple question, asked what is the dearest thing to a resident of India, Anusha said the sky because they are written the bright future.
    Julian decided to spend some time in the capital, turning between people speaking and trying to understand the emotions of the people, but the characters Eastern and Western were really so different, but one thing was common in most people, and the smile was huge even for those not doing well and some positive though not always the situation was positive.
    Here’s what to look for his work, the root of the smile of the people, Julian was happy to have found a way to go.
    Then he took his camera and decided to go in one of the poorest areas of India so after a few days of travel, traveling between aircraft equipment and other means arrived in a central region of lndia and also very poor and arrived in a village.
    This could see was a kind of city very evanescent, Julian had traveled the world but this place was really very poor, very humble homes, and how you could find something special and representative in that place where not only hunger and poverty, was convinced that he would not find smiles.
    He was shooting in this country, and of course had his camera around his neck, for the kids and a bit for all it was a magical machine.
    Then Julian which was basically a good call the child and made them play with its wonder, until suddenly a man approached amazed but not surprised and said: Good Morning, did you perhaps trying to photograph the lotus petals blue?
    Julian did not understand, but I actually just came to take pictures of anything interesting, because the lotus petals blue is interesting?
    The man who understood that the stranger was sincere in response, said it is the legend that by its importance, if you have time and desire you carry in my humble home, we take a tea and I’ll explain.
    Julian shook the hand of this man and said accept it gladly.
    The handshake is a contact is very important and very sincere and humble and true they appreciate very much.
    So Julian and the man walked towards his house which was a bit out of the village.
    The Lotus petals blue , is a wonderful flower and born in the ponds, was born from the mud, from disorder of nature and then became one of the flowers most beautiful parts, normally has eight petals and a goblet-shaped, but what will this special flower basically is as good as many expressions of nature.
    I don’t know maybe because it really comes from dirty water of the lake or pond, surrounded by mud and slime tormented by fish and insects, and yet struggle with these adversities to manifest itself in its unique beauty.
    But perhaps a secret, who knows if the end Julian finds out.
    They came to the house, Julian went into this house where they were waiting for the man’s wife and four child, and made him sit with the unique hospitality of those who have little and still is generous, offered him tea, Julian was fascinated by this beautiful where family welcomed a stranger unknown, so really very nice man asked Julian to his country of origin, was vague, saying that reached Western Europe .
    Julian told her about his trip and that he had come to India to make photographs.
    The man was interested and at one point he said, but then you came for the flower of wonder, the photos from petals blue?
    Julian although much was cultured and smart and then asked the man, do not know this flower, tell me please.
    The man said, okay it is said that in India there is a category of very special flowers called the lotus flower, lives in the ponds in the murky waters, this flower is extraordinarily beautiful, and packs a very important secret, what those who come in contact with will have the correct view of life, that every action that will be done by those who are in contact will be a positive boost to the bright future.
    The Lotus is a flower common in India, but in particular the lotus from petals blue is the most important and can give an immense power to those who come in contact, it is said that the sun eclipsed by the beauty of this flower, caused a total eclipse so that the bright blue of its petals for a few hours could illuminate the valleys and rivers.
    Julian interrupted the man, then is the flower of happiness?
    but I can’t know that until now no one has ever found, but usually legends still always bring wisdom and truth.
    It’s all very interesting, I would love to photograph it, it would be a good photograph for the Indian people, eh but where can I go? you know tell me what could be the place where he lives this flower?
    The man stopped to think a bit but I think the place following the legend is well defined, because if the legend, the flower of their petals blue born in the mud, and that its light illuminated the valley and the rivers already we remove half of lndia ha and then there is a sentence on an antique book that says the blue lights of the meadows north castle that first sees the shadow of the valley of dreams.
    The valley of dreams is the valley about 100 miles from us north, it might be worth you start to look for Julian filming saying, I’d love to find it because the ancient legends are true expression of a people, and I hope not to fail.
    You’re cute Julian and I hope you can find the flower. Thanks if I come back to visit you and bring you the photograph of the flower.
    Man shooting, please accept my hospitality, stopped with us for this evening, tomorrow leave for your adventure.
    Thanks gladly accept and Julian and the whole family spent a lovely evening laughing and joking doing some photography, after Julian had found something special in this family.
    And the stars, dreams and positive thoughts came down in the village of Julian and the beautiful family that had taken a liking to the pale man from the strange machine that was painted only with his imagination and his dreams.
    Early morning Julian took his backpack greeted the family who had hosted and took the road to the valley of dreams, the journey was challenging was to move within India and the only way to get there was in the car, then made a little ‘feature also brought his tent companion of his adventures.
    The distance was about 100 miles, but the road was very bumpy and you had to be very careful to carry a very low speed. Finally shortly after the sun was at its highest in the sky, Julian came to the valley of dreams.
    He was convinced that the first leg of his trip was not so much the flower, but the castle that sees first the shadow in the valley of dreams.
    So patiently walked walk through the valley of dreams
    Every so often with his binoculars he watched horizon looking for a sign of the legend.
    Arrival in a forest where there were huge plants from unique beauty and then start to photograph these plants, but building castles or upon anything that looked like a castle nothing.
    The sun was setting, it was a truly unique this lonely valley that was waving in its beauty the sun and was looking for the light of the moon.
    Julian gasped, then mounted his tent and he lay in his amazement at seeing the spectacle of the stars and thought, that so many times in his work for the rush to see the morning before the others had lost one of the more beautiful nature. Taken by fatigue and with the reflection of the stars in your eyes you fall asleep bringing with him all his dreams and expectations.
    The awakening was a surprise, in fact there was a small bird that was flying around this strange building that is his tent, and then in small strokes him awake.
    Julian was accustomed to hotel very expensive and full of comfort, but at the end opposite the wonder of nature was happy to have accepted that challenge.
    He took his backpack and his camera and went on his journey around there was no human being just a valley some huge forest and a river that divided the light delta valley and reflected the trees.
    He took a path trying to gain altitude, this he needed to try to view the castle or something that looked like a building. He arrived in a very high, but saw nothing even with his binoculars. Resumed the way back to his tent with some photos taken, but nothing something that looked like a castle.
    Days passed and Julian was increasingly convinced to find the castle, but every day he returned, appeared tired and without any novelty.

    And after a month Julian was discouraged and thought, and it was only a legend fruit of the imagination?
    But he believed the people who had told the legend and then increasingly motivated shooting still trying It’ still true that many times if you search for something not found, then all of a sudden everything is much more clear is luck or are stars that drive?
    Perhaps only that Julian is going to make a discovery that will profoundly change his way of thinking and perhaps his life. After another long walk tired, he saw a very nice lawn, eventually took a running start and suffered a slip on the grass just wet from dew and dampness of the night.
    Julian was playing, is one of the most good photographers in the world in front of the beauty of nature had relaxed and was playing with the lawn, until finally after this race he found himself lying on the grass and looked at the sky, and he was lighting, but how can you not find a castle, it will not be a castle in the air?
    He look at the clouds and the sun’s reflection and for a game of the clouds drew on the lawn a day a castle tower, then immediately try’ to go in proportion to scrutinize that shadow on the grass, finally from the hill you could see clearly that it was of ‘shadow of a castle, was a play of light, he had to know this secret as a photographer, but only tried the obvious, not the essential, Julian was moved, but now he had found the starting point for his research .
    He took his map, and sign point was tired but he was happy, he was convinced that he had found a sensational track, had found the point of the castle now had only to wait until the next day because he had to figure out where it was the north and especially where the lawn was tinged with blue, and follow the light to find the flower petals blue side.
    The valley of dreams was so called because it was extraordinary, and it is said that the dreams they were much more ‘in any part of India because the sun got up late because of’ envy of the beauty of the flower petals blue side, the night lasted longer than anywhere else in the world.
    And Julian while he was thinking and thinking about all these things, leaned against a tree and fell asleep ‘outdoors while the stars were playing with their light, smiling at the photographer who was to be the king of the light ruler. It was now day, took his map and walked to the lawn, checked he was not wrong, and so meeting the situation of the previous day, was happy, now he just had to wait for the sunset to discover the secret of the legend, and in the meantime to be good photographer decided to immortalize a bit in nature because it was so lush and beautiful.
    The wait for an important time, can create anxiety, but for a photographer used to playing with making special moments normality for him were only moments of happiness unexpressed.
    Finally, he was going to get the time the sun was tired and was going to give way to the shadows and Julian very careful saw a blue that was mixed with the green of the grass and for a reflection effect in the air it was creating a masterpiece, the reflection of the blue was illuminating the sky, then lay back and Julian

    finally saw the reflex starts illuminating the castle of the valley of dreams, then tried in a while to see the light that in turn pointed a precise point of the valley behind a hill.
    So happy with this discovery took his notes on his card and go back to the the next day was the big day, perhaps every effort was rewarded by the marvels night when a person is satisfied and happy brings a sense of natural peace, perhaps for had found the infinite, but you know they are flashes that vanish in seconds.
    It was morning and Julian went the way of the hill, and down he saw a small pond, pond saw two flowers from the wonderful light and blue, that after so much effort had found the legend was true, took his mach camera and saw that the water was I try very low to get close to the flowers to take photographs.
    Advancing toward the flowers, surrounded by water at the knee when he saw behind the trail that was left behind a trail of colored as if it were the rainbow and small luminescence like little stars, Julian knew he had made a sensational discovery.
    Arrival near the flower that reflected the light blue, Julian gasped at the beauty of what he was seeing, suddenly approaches his hand to the flower touching the water and appeared reflected in the water of the scenes of his life, honor, glory earnings, parties, in short everything a man could want and also below the village and the family who had found, poverty, destitution, hunger but also the smile of people who welcomed him, then a gust of wind took away everything, the wind is a sign of change.
    The thoughts and emotions were mixed, this meeting with the lotus flower petals blue was important and probably will change the life of Julian.
    Here is the beginning of his work as a photographer, he began to shoot at some point when the machine jammed and was no longer able to do other things had come to sixteen pictures, a bit for a few flower so beautiful but it was enough for now .
    The place was quiet and Julian had brought with your tent, so he decided to spend the evening and night in that magical place. As soon as he fell asleep, perhaps to the surprise of this discovery, perhaps for another, he was a strange dream, had returned to thank the poor family and bull in the gift had a beautiful smile and he had given them to repay its camera, then a horse from the wings of the blue color of the flower picked him up and carried him into the sun and them there was the awakening.
    Giving shape to a dream is very difficult because the moods and emotions lead to roads really different and unpredictable. Julian went back to sleep and still a dream came suddenly, an old man and bowed with a large white beard, dressed in a pure white dress, shook his hand and said Julian you were lucky only very few people are lucky enough to know and to find the lotus by blue petals, you are a chosen to have the correct view of life and reality delta, go and bring the luck of the lotus flower who deserves and I recommend you choose well because your gesture can change the future, and with a laugh nice almost like a father to son vanished into thin air.
    Julian this time he woke up very agitated, almost sweaty, it was just a dream, but he thought he had experienced first and the dream.
    He looked around for the man with the white beard, but after a few minutes he became aware of the dream, and he calmed down, but it was changed, in his eyes a different light, perhaps something had really changed in Julian only the future can tell what.
    He reached the sunlight and Julian went still in the pond and took one of the two flowers from light blue, put it in a hat with wet rags and a bit of its mud, he wanted to make a gift.
    Then he put on the highest point of the hill and greeted the valley of dreams, with one hand he tried to embrace all the earth, and took the way back.
    The journey was long and tortuous, he was even more floor because he had a very important guest.
    Finally after a long journey, he returned to the village, the sun was high, it was afternoon shadows were long on the road and took the path that led to the family that had welcomed him and gave him hospitality.
    Man amazed the return of Julian the ushered him and greeted the family then held out his hand to the man giving him his hat.
    Here this is my gift to all your family, the man remained speechless for a moment breathless, because the hat was the lotus flower petals blue.
    The happy man, Julian did you find it !!!!!!!
    Julian said you had doubts? certain that I found it !!! yeaah !!!
    Then Julian resumed, but this is not mine, this is a small gift to you that you brought me to know your traditions.
    The man who was not selfish, but was humble and was bound to tradition,he said let’s get him immediately to the pool of truth, is nearby, because legend has it that the flower side of the blue petals, love truth and honesty and his house can’t be other than in the pond.
    Okay replied Julian, let’s go now, and the whole family is led towards the pond.
    The man was on the bank of the pond took the flower and gently tossed it into the pond.
    The flower began to spin around until he came in the middle of the lake.
    Julian and family were stopped to admire it, when suddenly the flower glowed with a bright light and blue and approached the opposite bank of the pond, where there was a young woman who was wet feet.
    The girl approached the flower touched him, and took a light and a beautiful smile ever seen.
    The man who was on the opposite bank was moved because it was done right before his eyes. The legend full of lotus flower from petals blue.
    Now the girl according to legend was the most important person in India and would become very creative, so much that with his innovative ideas and brilliant would lead his country, to a very positive future and radiant, in harmony with nature and ensuring peace and happiness to all.
    Julian after what he had seen, he had finished his task, he gave his camera man who was enthusiastic and said that one day a member of the Indian government would go to him for some photos he had taken.
    Julian greeted the man and his family, the man who had the eyes of those who distinguish reality from dreams, saw that Julian had changed and asked him, what will you do now Julian?
    He said, I do not know I still have to think a lot and the man with his family embraced it The man greeted him saying, observed Julian now never the fine side by blue petals also marked tea and that the stars can guide you and bring luck. Julian returned appointment with Anusha, she asked the photographs and Julian said he had photographed the lotus flower petals in blue sixteen photos, as its petals, and he understood that those photos were worth much and indicated that he had left his car camera to the village.
    Anusha the eyes shone and was happy, I did not believe that Julian that I was capable of such enterprises, now on behalf of the Government of India how can I repay these extraordinary photos?
    Anusha, I do not want anything, you have to bring my money and go to the village and happiness to the man who has my camera, to his family and all his village.
    Anusha replied, Julian the lotus petals blue really did something extraordinary, okay I’ll do what you have decided.
    I and Government India and the people of India, we thank you and we wish you a bright future, good luck Julian.
    The beauty of nature, and in this case a very special flower can become a way to go and Julian had chosen his path.
    He went back to his city, took all his wealth, and gave to the poor, then with the wisdom of the blue flower that had met, turned the world teaching his art, and above all respect for nature without asking anything in return.
    Julian loved to close its courses always with the same phrase: “the blue of heaven and earth always try the emotion of the moment, it is up to us who love the images capture what the technique does not see”
    Also I thank Julian for this lesson not only because I love photography, but mostly because every day I learn about the stars.
    That the stars always smile to those looking for the profound truth and wisdom.

    One response to “** Special Story: The lotus flower petals blue – English **”

    1. ASTROCAT Avatar

      This little story , has a very deep sense and it’s really special.
      Thank Tifa who welcomed my story.
      He wants to prove , always with the mystery that the true values are important,
      and i like the ending that Julian gives his whealth and his earnings to something really
      important and you will primarily teach with his work.
      My smile to all those who understand the uniquennes of the imagination.

      Astrocat !

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