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TDUMS 29/04/2015 2

It was a nice afternoon in the city and Stella was going shopping and enjoying the weather with Crumble. A few days ago, she had left him at home when she had gone outside. But every time he had wanted to join her right away and she didn’t let him, Stella had met him IN the city later that day. He had found his own way outside.
So she had understood that there was no reason in not taking him with her right from the start…
Suddenly, Crumble made a jumping parade right in front of her and didn’t let her go further. She turned to the shop on the right: it was a travel agency. “Crumble, we don’t have the time and money for travelling at the moment…” He still blocked the way and now even knocked on the glass windows with his paws. “See…”, but suddenly she stopped talking. This time, she watched more carefully and discovered that the big posters in the agency had a second visible layer. One of them showed a white building with the title – OMG. It showed the Library of Magic!

Twitch funktioniert!

Man glaube es kaum, aber dank dem supercoolen Panda funktioniert Twitch jetzt! Für Vainglory muss ich noch ein wenig herumbasteln, aber Star Wars: The Old Republic klappt schonmal ohne Probleme. Yippieh!!! :D
Meinen Kanal findet ihr hier: TifaLuckheart auf Twitch ^-^
Passenderweise ist der Link samt online-Anzeige nun auch direkt unter meinen anderen Social-Links zu finden :)

TDUMS 28/04/2015 2

“Crumble”, huh? What a strange name for him. His brothers probably would have laughed at him, they always had. Even though he had been born into a royal family, there had been annoying siblings, really annoying. He had had to prove he was strong and just as cool as the others and he had learned that after some time.
Right now, you could describe Crumble’s life as relaxed and peaceful. Yet, he still planned to find a way back home. These magic books could really come in handy and he started reading a lot to find out more about the world of magic. There was a lot of basic knowledge he already had but why not get deeper into it?
Maybe that woman could also be of help, she seemed to have acquired some skills already. She was far from perfection though and Crumble was sure he could make her a better magician by pushing her to important things. Stella would help him get home.

TDUMS 27/04/2015 2

There were also more “funny” incidents since Crumble had fallen into her life: in the supermarket or in the city, she suddenly got the urge to buy things she usually wouldn’t even have looked at! These things later kind of “vanished” at home, only to be found in Crumble’s sleeping basket after some time.
Also, she more often seemed to find exactly what she was looking for in her magic books! When she came back to read after for example reading or watching TV, the books were open right at the page where the spell she needed was written down.
On top of that, even her magic strength seemed to have improved a lot as she noticed while practicing.
Crumble always sat somewhere looking innocent, almost like a little angel.