TDUMS 30/06/2015

They all sat together and prepared an agreement between the group around Clemens and the Black Raven. Those had to promise not to threaten or hurt any of our friends and their families; it was mainly a peace contract. Then they would be able to work together against potential dangers. The letter of agreement was very long and detailed so that the Black Raven wouldn’t find a loophole. Crumble was the person writing everything down and Rufus would take it to the leader. NOW they could first start talking about this weird wizard and her plan. Hopefully everything would work out correctly…
The whole time, Rufus was watching Crumble with both an amazed and a confused look on his face. Later Stella heard the werewolf ask him:”What in the world are you? I’ve never seen anyone like you.” Stella was surprised but unfortunately couldn’t hear the cat’s answer.

TDUMS 29/06/2015

It turned out that Rufus, Jenna’s brother, was a member of the Black Raven. They had not been able to meet frequently because of this and even though she knew he would always stay somewhere close enough for coming for help if in danger, this was a hard time for her. The two of them (and including Clemens the three of them) had been inseparable as children and the decision of joining the Black Raven had been hard for Rufus, but he supported their main goals and, to be honest, in situations like this it was very useful having a friend among them. It made him proud to be able to help his sister and her friends.
Clemens had known this all along. He had suspected that Rufus might have joined the group earlier and now that they had kept him for a while he knew for sure.
The magician didn’t have a problem with the werewolf having his own opinion but he had to admit that he was still a bit surprised and maybe shocked. Now that they met again right here, he noticed that his old friend had not changed at all and was still the loyal and great person he always had been.

TDUMS 28/06/2015

Stella was confused. They had discussed how to behave concerning the Black Raven and also had agreed that this was probably the only way to stop this Amanda person because they might know something about her and would definitely be determined enough to deal with her.
And now they were standing outside and Jenna and Clemens seemed to know exactly what was happening and who their contact person would be. She could feel that Crumble was just as clueless as her though, which was a relief somehow.
It was weird but ever since that cat had fallen into her life (and the basket – remember?) Stella felt way more connected to magic. This didn’t change when she was trained by Clemens – no, it happened before when meeting Crumble. Also, she didn’t feel alone with him, Mira and Jenna by her side and knew she could count on them. This kind of people were rare and she was very thankful for having them in her life.
After the howling they went back inside and about 30 minutes later Jenna looked out of the window and hurried outside, the others following her. The werewolf-girl as well as Bunny Clemens seemed to look happy in a way which brought Stella back into confusion again. This didn’t last long though because when Jenna ran towards the person waiting outside and then hugged him wildly, partly showing her wolf form because of the overflowing happiness, she said:”I’ve missed you so much, all the time! I’ve missed you so much, dear brother!”

TDUMS 27/06/2015

At least they had a new clue now so everyone went off to look for the name in books, the internet and the SpiriTab. Yet, this didn’t bring them any more information or helpful tips. They made a list of what they knew about this person, her plan, the name and her appearance. Also, the group was wondering about her motives. In the media, such people usually had had a bad childhood and that would (more or less) explain why they were capable of doing something terrible. Of course these were never reasons to justify any cruelties but especially in films people sometimes started feeling pity for the villains (who usually were just as good-looking).
The suggestion of teaming up with the Black Raven came back up. “Even if we considered doing this, how would we find them just now? We wouldn’t have a way to contact them.” Jenna and Bunny Clemens looked at each other. “We would”, the werewolf-girl then said. Stella was confused. “We have to be really sure about this though, we should have a tactic prepared on how to solve our problem with them”, Stella added.
After discussing about this topic for some time, the whole group went outside with a serious look on their faces. Clemens sat next to Crumble on the grass and everyone was watching Jenna. She collected her thoughts for a while, then stepped forward and howled into the sky. They waited and nothing seemed to happen. After some long seconds, they heard an answer which almost sounded like an echo. But they knew it wasn’t.

TDUMS 26/06/2015

Back home Crumble told the others what his acquaintance had said. There was a heated discussion and as a first reaction nobody wanted to have anything to do with the Black Raven. Bunny Clemens even squeaked from upset. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to find any other solution either and there was a grim atmosphere in the room.
They couldn’t reach the Library of Magic and while Crumble had been away, Stella had talked to Mira but she didn’t find anything about this person. It seemed that they were the only people to have made the acquaintance of this woman and that felt rather uneasy.
“I know her name”, Crumble suddenly proclaimed. Everyone was curious and the cat continued, “in her bag there were some documents as well and I believe that the addressed person should be her. It’s Amanda Bernars.”
Now this didn’t sound like the name of a super evil person or typical villain. Somehow Stella was disappointed.